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•Plàtan Pb Civada nocturna• Base de civada: Puré de meitat de plàtan Llet de civada Llavors de chía

•Plàtan de civada durant la nit• Base de civada: meitat de plàtan triturat Llet de civada Llavors de chía Civada enrotllada picspeanutbutter suau Pb Canyella Toppings: Nabius congelats descongelats al microones siggisdairy Iogurt de vainilla Canyella picspeanutbutter Clean Pb Cànem

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  1. Such a perfect way to get the goodness in when you’re in that morning rush!

  2. This looks delicious! Will definitely try this out 😍 Would love if you could check out my whole wheat blueberry muffins recipe and support my page! Thank you. Hope you have the best day ever! 💕

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